Local Wedding Venues

Virginia, one of the original 13 American colonies, has long proclaimed itself to be a place for lovers, and many couples who choose to get married certainly think so. It’s rich in history, geography, and things to do. Also, it’s relatively central position on the east coast makes it an easy place for many relatives to fly or drive into. If you and your soon-to-be spouse think this state is a great place to get hitched, then keep reading to learn Virginia wedding destinations to consider.

Say I Will at Chestnut Hill:  The perfect place for a small, unique wedding venue.  Chestnut Hill Bed and Breakfast gives you the perfect place to get married and begin your honeymoon, all in one place. Located in beautiful Orange, VA, Say I Will at Chestnut Hill is one of the best bed and breakfast wedding destinations in Virginia.


Virginia Beach: This city is part of the larger Tidewater area, so the family can stay anywhere in Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, or Hampton Roads and be close enough to join the fun. The beaches here are among the best in the state and are quite comparable to anything up and down the Atlantic Seaboard.

Williamsburg: This small town was once an early colonial village. It’s a nice, quiet historical place for a small wedding and quiet honeymoon in a place steeped in history.


Shenandoah: This park extends from the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the beautiful mountain ranges and valleys are as scenic as you can get for a wedding ceremony and celebration.

Richmond: This city is the capital of the state and dates back to colonial times. A gorgeous river flows through here for scenic backdrops, and the city has a lot of history around the area. For an art deco environment going back to the Depression Era, look into having your wedding dinner in the city’s train station.

Natural Bridge: This spot in the mountains is based largely on a rock formation that is truly a natural bridge over the valley below. Some spiritual couples like the theme of bridging the natural divide between people, and that their marriage vows are rock solid. There’s also a spa resort nearby that makes for a great first night of a honeymoon.

Busch Gardens: This amusement park is not always a venue for a traditional marriage ceremony, but for couples that like to have fun, or for second marriages later in life, it can provide a very entertaining spot for festivities everyone is sure to enjoy.

Bristol: If you and your partner are from two different states, and especially if those two states are Virginia and Tennessee, then Bristol is a great place to get married. This city straddles the border between the two states and could provide common ground for families in both states to get together. Even if you’re from different states, what better place to celebrate the union of two different families and places together?

The weather in Virginia is pretty mild most of the year, although the mountains can see winter snow and ice and the piedmont and coastal areas might get warm in the midst of summer. Most of the year, though, these 7 Virginia wedding destinations are great choices to consider for your happy day.